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Name: Micron Technology Inc

Note: nee Crucial Technology


Name: Crucial Technology

2008-10-06 17:52:28

Name: Micron Technology Inc

On behalf of Micron, I would like to request that vendor 0x1344 be changed to read "Micron Technology Inc". (It currently says "Crucial Technology", a subsidiary of Micron.) This vendor code is owned by Micron; this can be confirmed via the PCI-SIG website.


2010-11-09 22:20:24

Name: Micron Technology Inc

Note: nee Crucial Technology


2010-11-19 16:06:10



Id Name Note
5150RealSSD P320h
5151RealSSD P320m
5152RealSSD P320s
5153RealSSD P325m
5160RealSSD P420h
5161RealSSD P420m
5163RealSSD P425m
51809100 PRO NVMe SSD
51819100 MAX NVMe SSD
51909200 ECO NVMe SSD
51919200 PRO NVMe SSD
51929200 MAX NVMe SSD
51a27300 PRO NVMe SSD
51a37300 MAX NVMe SSD
51b19300 PRO NVMe SSD
51b29300 MAX NVMe SSD
51c07400 PRO NVMe SSD
51c17400 MAX NVMe SSD
51c37450 PRO NVMe SSD
51c47450 MAX NVMe SSD

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