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Name: Lava Computer mfg Inc


Name: Lava Computer mfg Inc

2008-10-06 17:52:28



Id Name Note
8800BOCA Research IOPPAR
8001Dual parallel port controller A
0400Lava 8255-PIO-PCI
0110Lava DSerial-PCI Port A
0111Lava DSerial-PCI Port B
8002Lava Dual Parallel port A
8003Lava Dual Parallel port B
0100Lava Dual Serial
0180Lava Octo A
0181Lava Octo B
8000Lava Parallel
0600Lava Port 650
0200Lava Port Plus
0201Lava Quad A
0202Lava Quad B
0101Lava Quatro A
0102Lava Quatro B
0220Lava Quattro PCI Ports A/B
0221Lava Quattro PCI Ports C/D
0520Lava RS422-SS-PCI
0500Lava Single Serial
0120Quattro-PCI A
0121Quattro-PCI B

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