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Name: Microsoft Corporation


Name: Microsoft Corporation

2008-10-06 17:52:29



Id Name Note
0001MN-120 (ADMtek Centaur-C based)
0002MN-130 (ADMtek Centaur-P based)
008cBasic Render DriverVirtual Video Card Device for Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
008eBasic Render Driver
5353Hyper-V virtual VGA
5801XMA Decoder (Xenon)
5802SATA Controller - CdRom (Xenon)
5803SATA Controller - Disk (Xenon)
5804OHCI Controller 0 (Xenon)
5805EHCI Controller 0 (Xenon)
5806OHCI Controller 1 (Xenon)
5807EHCI Controller 1 (Xenon)
580aFast Ethernet Adapter (Xenon)
580bSecure Flash Controller (Xenon)
580dSystem Management Controller (Xenon)
5811Xenos GPU (Xenon)

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