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Name: Oxford Semiconductor Ltd


Name: Oxford Semiconductor Ltd

2008-10-06 17:52:29



Id Name Note
8401OX9162 Mode 1 (8-bit bus)
8403OX9162 Mode 0 (parallel port)
9500OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 0 (Disabled)
9501OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 0 (Uart)
9505OXuPCI952 (Dual 16C950 UART)
950aEXSYS EX-41092 Dual 16950 Serial adapter
950bOXCB950 Cardbus 16950 UART
9510OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (Disabled)
9511OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (8bit bus)
9512OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (32bit bus)
9513OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (parallel port)
9521OX16PCI952 (Dual 16950 UART)
9523OX16PCI952 Integrated Parallel Port
c158OXPCIe952 Dual 16C950 UART
c308EX-44016 16-port serial

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