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Name: Oxford Semiconductor Ltd


Name: Oxford Semiconductor Ltd

2008-10-06 17:52:29



Id Name Note
950aEXSYS EX-41092 Dual 16950 Serial adapter
9521OX16PCI952 (Dual 16950 UART)
9523OX16PCI952 Integrated Parallel Port
9500OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 0 (Disabled)
9501OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 0 (Uart)
9512OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (32bit bus)
9511OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (8bit bus)
9510OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (Disabled)
9513OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) function 1 (parallel port)
8403OX9162 Mode 0 (parallel port)
8401OX9162 Mode 1 (8-bit bus)
950bOXCB950 Cardbus 16950 UART
c541OXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c545OXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c549OXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c54dOXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c531OXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c535OXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c539OXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c53dOXPCIe200 Dual EHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c54eOXPCIe200 Dual GPIO
c540OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c544OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c548OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c54cOXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c570OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI/analog)
c574OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI/analog)
c578OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI/analog)
c57cOXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI/analog)
c560OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/analog)
c564OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/analog)
c568OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/analog)
c56cOXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/analog)
c530OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)Multifunction device with 8 function bits in ID
c534OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c538OXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c53cOXPCIe200 Dual OHCI USB Controller (ULPI/R-ULPI)
c571OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c575OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c579OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c57dOXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5b1OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5b5OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5b9OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5bdOXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c561OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c565OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c569OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c56dOXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5a1OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5a5OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5a9OXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5adOXPCIe200 EHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c536OXPCIe200 GPIO
c53eOXPCIe200 GPIO
c546OXPCIe200 GPIO
c566OXPCIe200 GPIO
c56eOXPCIe200 GPIO
c576OXPCIe200 GPIO
c57eOXPCIe200 GPIO
c53bOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c53fOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c54bOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c54fOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c56bOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c56fOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c57bOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c57fOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5abOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5afOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5bbOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5bfOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5cbOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5cfOXPCIe200 Native 950 UART
c5c0OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (analog)
c5c4OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (analog)
c5c8OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (analog)
c5ccOXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (analog)
c5b0OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5b4OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5b8OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5bcOXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (R-ULPI)
c5a0OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5a4OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5a8OXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5acOXPCIe200 OHCI USB Controller (ULPI)
c5a2OXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface
c5aaOXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface
c5b2OXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface
c5baOXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface
c5c2OXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface
c5caOXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface
c5a6OXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface & GPIO
c5aeOXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface & GPIO
c5b6OXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface & GPIO
c5beOXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface & GPIO
c5c6OXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface & GPIO
c5ceOXPCIe200 Programmable Memory Interface & GPIO
c006OXPCIe840 GPIO
c000OXPCIe840 Parallel PortMultifunction device with 3 function bits in ID
c004OXPCIe840 Parallel Port
c158OXPCIe952 Dual Native 950 UART
c15dOXPCIe952 Dual Native 950 UART
c106OXPCIe952 GPIO
c10eOXPCIe952 GPIO
c11eOXPCIe952 GPIO
c126OXPCIe952 GPIO
c12eOXPCIe952 GPIO
c134OXPCIe952 GPIO
c13cOXPCIe952 GPIO
c146OXPCIe952 GPIO
c14eOXPCIe952 GPIO
c154OXPCIe952 GPIO
c15cOXPCIe952 GPIO
c101OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c105OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c109OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c10dOXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c120OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c124OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c128OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c12cOXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART
c140OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #1
c144OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #1
c148OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #1
c14cOXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #1
c141OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #2
c145OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #2
c149OXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #2
c14dOXPCIe952 Legacy 950 UART #2
c11bOXPCIe952 Native 950 UART
c11fOXPCIe952 Native 950 UART
c138OXPCIe952 Native 950 UART
c13dOXPCIe952 Native 950 UART
c100OXPCIe952 Parallel PortMultifunction device with reset straps and function bits in ID
c104OXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c108OXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c10cOXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c110OXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c114OXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c118OXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c11cOXPCIe952 Parallel Port
c204OXPCIe954 GPIOMultifunction device with 4 function bits in ID
c20cOXPCIe954 GPIO
c208OXPCIe954 Quad Native 950 UART
c20dOXPCIe954 Quad Native 950 UART
c304OXPCIe958 GPIOMultifunction device with 4 function bits in ID
c30cOXPCIe958 GPIO
c308OXPCIe958 Quad Native 950 UART
c30dOXPCIe958 Quad Native 950 UART
9505OXuPCI952 (Dual 16C950 UART)

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