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Name: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd


Name: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

2008-10-06 17:52:29

Name: Change the name of the ID(a808) NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981

ID a808 is now the name as "NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981" howerver PM983 is same family which is using same controller.
So we want the ID a808 name as from NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981 to NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981/PM983


2019-06-21 06:46:58

Done, next time please click the device ID if you want to change its name, you now submitted a new entry for the vendor.


2019-06-29 15:51:29



Id Name Note
1600Apple PCIe SSD
a544Exynos 8890 PCIe Root Complex
a800XP941 PCIe SSD
a802NVMe SSD Controller SM951/PM951
a804NVMe SSD Controller SM961/PM961/SM963
a808NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981/PM983
a809NVMe SSD Controller 980
a80aNVMe SSD Controller PM9A1/PM9A3/980PRO
a820NVMe SSD Controller 171X
a821NVMe SSD Controller 172X
a822NVMe SSD Controller 172Xa/172Xb
a824NVMe SSD Controller PM173X
a825NVMe SSD Controller PM173Xa
a826NVMe SSD Controller PM174X
ececExynos 8895 PCIe Root Complex

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