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Name: CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder


Name: Winfast TV2000 XP

Leadtek is written on the box, so dunno.


2003-09-14 21:13:37

Name: CX23880

I don't know the Vendor name only the Chipset


2003-11-18 16:51:14

Name: CX22702 DVB-T 2k/8k

This entry is erraneously reported as WinFast 2000XP Card, it is conexant chip CX22702 (exactly DVB-T 2k/8k CX22702-25 found in for instance in my European KWorld DVB-T digital TV card)


2005-01-18 17:01:20

Name: CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder

current entry is wrong. here's the actual chip info:


2005-03-30 16:43:48



Id Name Note
0070 2801Hauppauge WinTV 28xxx (Roslyn) models
0070 3400WinTV 34604
0070 3401Hauppauge WinTV 34xxx models
0070 6902WinTV HVR-4000-HD
0070 7801WinTV HVR-1800 MCE
0070 9001Nova-T DVB-T
0070 9002Nova-T DVB-T Model 909
0070 9200Nova-SE2 DVB-S
0070 9202Nova-S-Plus DVB-S
0070 9402WinTV-HVR1100 DVB-T/Hybrid
0070 9600WinTV 88x Video
0070 9802WinTV-HVR1100 DVB-T/Hybrid (Low Profile)
1002 00f8ATI TV Wonder Pro
1002 00f9ATI TV Wonder
1002 a101HDTV Wonder
1043 4823PVR-416
107d 6611Winfast TV 2000XP Expert
107d 6613Leadtek Winfast 2000XP Expert
107d 6620Leadtek Winfast DV2000
107d 663cLeadtek PVR 2000
107d 665fWinFast DTV1000-T
1421 0334Instant TV DVB-T PCI
1461 000aAVerTV 303 (M126)
1461 000bAverTV Studio 303 (M126)
1461 8011UltraTV Media Center PCI 550
1462 8606MSI TV-@nywhere Master
14c7 0107GDI Black Gold
14f1 0187Conexant DVB-T reference design
14f1 0342Digital-Logic MICROSPACE Entertainment Center (MEC)
153b 1166Cinergy 1400 DVB-T
1540 2580Provideo PV259
1554 4811PixelView
1554 4813Club 3D ZAP1000 MCE Edition
17de 08a1KWorld/VStream XPert DVB-T with cx22702
17de 08a6KWorld/VStream XPert DVB-T
17de 08b2KWorld DVB-S 100
17de a8a6digitalnow DNTV Live! DVB-T
1822 0025digitalnow DNTV Live! DVB-T Pro
185b e000VideoMate X500
18ac d500FusionHDTV 5 Gold
18ac d810FusionHDTV 3 Gold-Q
18ac d820FusionHDTV 3 Gold-T
18ac db00FusionHDTV DVB-T1
18ac db10
18ac db11FusionHDTV DVB-T Plus
18ac db50FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital
5654 2388GoTView PCI Hybrid TV Tuner Card
7063 3000pcHDTV HD3000 HDTV
7063 5500pcHDTV HD-5500

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