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Name: Kontron

Note: old ID, now 1059


Name: PEP MODULAR Computers GmbH

2008-10-06 17:52:30

Name: Claus Gindhart

Note: to be changed to Kontron Modular Computers GmbH

Name of the company changed from PEP Modular Computers GmbH to Kontron Modular Computers GmbH
You can check this within
and enter 1518 there


2008-11-05 13:37:38

Name: Kontron Modular Computers GmbH

Note: nee PEP MODULAR Computers GmbH



2008-11-09 20:34:26

Name: Kontron

Note: Usage of this ID (0x1518) is deprecated. The active PCI-SIG ID for Kontron is 0x1059.

The division associated with this ID (0x1518) does not use this company "Name" anymore (Kontron Modular Computers GmbH).
It's now part of Kontron AG (using ID 0x1059).
We need to keep (not delete) this ID (0x1518) in the db, because several devices are already using it.
However the only ID still active at PCI-SIG for Kontron is 0x1059 and all future entries will use this ID.


2015-10-27 21:30:54

Name: Kontron

Note: old ID, now 1059


2015-11-01 21:45:52



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