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Name: AR5210 Wireless Network Adapter [AR5000 802.11a]


Name: AR5000 802.11a Wireless Adapter

From, SMC2735W PC Card


2004-02-24 10:16:14

Name: AR5210 Wireless Network Adapter [AR5000 802.11a]

Note: AR5210 MAC/BB (168c:0007) + AR5110 radio (visible in dmesg) forms the AR5000 802.11a chipset

I am going to sort out the mess of 168c:xxxx ID's and different names used.

PCI ID's at Atheros belong to the MAC/BB chip used in an adapter. The chipset number is used at some ID's: but they are shared between chipsets with the same MAC/BB chip. So I'm going to use the MAC/BB chip number everywhere with the chipset type(s) in [] when there aren't too many different chipsets using that chip.


2011-10-03 17:18:22

Name: AR5210 Wireless Network Adapter [AR5000 802.11a]


2011-11-08 20:58:28



Id Name Note
8086 2501PRO/Wireless 5000 LAN PCI Adapter Module
1b47 0110Skyline 4030 / Harmony 8450 802.11a Wireless CardBus Adapter
1b47 0100Harmony 8450CN Wireless CardBus Module
1737 0007WPC54A Wireless PC Card
14b7 0100

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