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Main -> PCI Devices -> Vendor 168c -> Device 168c:0013 -> Subsystem 168c:0013:0e11 00e5, (Vendor 0e11)

Name: NC6000/NC8000 laptop


Name: Hewlett-Packard Company NC6000 laptop

Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC in a HP NC6000 laptop


2007-11-24 19:28:44

Name: NC6000 laptop


2008-10-10 20:43:33

Name: Bob Hurt

Note: I have no clue what the values following Rev01 mean.

I have a Dell Latitude D600 laptop. The XP device manager presents this PCI ID detail:
168C 0013 00E50E11 Rev01\4&85202&0&18F0
If 0E11 refers to vendor Oe11 (Compaq), I suppose that means Compaq made the computer or the wireless circuit for Dell. If 00E5 means "intelligent controller," I imagine the mfg misnamed it because the mfg should have called it a wireless controller.


2011-09-04 04:45:48

Name: NC6000/NC8000 laptop


2011-10-03 06:12:45