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Name: Dini Group


Name: Dini Group

Note: Adding our vendor ID to the list - will add subdevices once vendor ID is approved


2016-06-15 20:59:42

Name: Dini Group


2016-06-19 22:13:31



Id Name Note
1a0eUltrascalePlus PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_400G_VUP_HBM_LL]
1a0dKintexUS PCIe DRAM Packet Capture Design [DNPCIe_40G_KU_LL_2QSFP]
1a0cKintexUS PCIe DRAM Packet Capture Design [DNPCIe_40G_KU_LL]
1a0bUltrascalePlus PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_400G_VU_LL]
1a0aVirtexUS PCIe Darklite Design [DNVUF2_HPC_PCIe]
1a09Arria10 PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_80G_A10_LL]
1a08KintexUS PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_40G_KU_LL_QSFP]
1a07KintexUS PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_40G_KU_LL]
1a06VirtexUS PCIe DMA Netlist Design
1a05Stratix5 PCIe Darklite Design [DNS5GX_F2]
1a03Kintex7 PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_K7_10G_LL]
1a02Virtex7 PCIe DMA Netlist Design
1a01Virtex6 PCIe Darklite Design [DNPCIe_HXT_10G_LL]
1a00Virtex6 PCIe DMA Netlist Design
1919UltrascalePlus PCIe Accelerator Board [DNPCIe_400G_VUP_HBM_LL]
1918VirtexUS+ ASIC Emulation Board [DNVUPF4A]
1917UltrascalePlus PCIe Accelerator Board [DNPCIe_400G_VU_LL]
1916VirtexUS PCIe Accelerator Board [DNVUF2_HPC_PCIe]
1915Arria10 PCIe MainRef Design [DNPCIe_80G_A10_LL]
1914VirtexUS ASIC Emulation Board [DNVUF2A]
1913VirtexUS ASIC Emulation Board [DNVUF1A]
1912KintexUS PCIe MainRef Design [DNPCIe_40G_KU_LL_QSFP]
1911VirtexUS PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNVU_F2PCIe]
1910VirtexUS ASIC Emulation Board [DNVUF4A]
190fKintexUS PCIe MainRef Design [DNPCIE_40G_KU_LL]
190eVirtex7 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNV7F2B]
190dVirtex7 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNV7F4A]
190cVirtex7 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNV7F2A]
190bStratix5 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNS5GXF2]
190aVirtex7 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNV7F1A]
1909Kintex7 PCIe FPGA Accelerator Board [DNK7F5PCIe]
1908Virtex6 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board Large BARs[DNV6F2PCIe]
1907Virtex6 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNV6F2PCIe]
1906Virtex6 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DN2076K10]
1905Virtex6 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNV6F6PCIe]
1904Virtex6 PCIe ASIC Emulation Board [DNDUALV6_PCIe4]
1903Spartan6 PCIe FPGA Accelerator Board [DNBFCS12PCIe]
1902Virtex5 PCIe ASIC Emulator Low Power [Interceptor]
1901Virtex5 PCIe ASIC Emulator Large BARs [DN9000K10PCIe8T/DN9002K10PCIe8T/DN9200K10PCIe8T/DN7006K10PCIe8T/DN7406K10PCIe8T]
1900Virtex5 PCIe ASIC Emulator [DN9000K10PCIe8T/DN9002K10PCIe8T/DN9200K10PCIe8T/DN7006K10PCIe8T/DN7406K10PCIe8T]
1868Virtex4 ASIC Emulator [DN8000K10PCIe-8]
1867Virtex4 ASIC Emulator Cable Connection [DN8000K10PCIe]
1866Virtex4 ASIC Emulator Cable Connection [DN8000K10PCI]
1865Virtex4 ASIC Emulator [DN8000K10PCIe]
1864Virtex4 PCI Board w/ QL5064 Bridge [DN7000K10PCI/DN8000K10PCI/DN8000K10PSX/NOTUS]

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