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Name: Ralink corp. (wrong ID)


Name: D-link Systems Inc.

This vendor ID may be specific to Thailand but I don't know.


2019-05-18 04:09:43

Name: Ralink corp. (wrong ID)

Hi, 1814:3060 is the ID of the Ralink chip that is found in the DWA-525 rev A1 according to, so this seems to be a Ralink (now Mediatek) ID with a small typo in it. Are you sure it is 1804, not 1814?

You can post the name of the wireless adapter as subsystem under the device, as it probably has a D-Link (vendor 1186) subsystem. Wikidevi lists 1186:3c04.


2019-06-04 19:12:15

It is definitely 1804 not 1814. While I was trying to track it down I saw the 1814 wireless adapter and so I double and triple checked to make sure I wasn't reading something wrong as I could find nothing on 1804 anywhere. I couldn't tell you what chip the card is using as it has RF shielding covering most of the circuit board.


2019-06-05 02:14:18



Id Name Note
3060RT3060 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R

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