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Name: SFC9020 10G Ethernet Controller


Name: SFL9021 [Solarstorm]


2009-08-24 14:44:12

Name: SFC9020 [Solarstorm]


2009-11-11 18:45:47

The SFC9020 and SFL9021 chips are not available to the public yet, and we have assigned 1924:0803 to SFC9020 rather than to SFL9021 as originally intended. Please apply the above change.


2009-11-20 19:33:31

Name: SFC9020 10G Ethernet Controller

This is to be more consistent with device names used by other network adapter manufacturers, which are more descriptive.


2016-12-22 12:05:38



Id Name Note
1014 04782-port 10GbE Low-Latency (R7)
1014 04792-port 10GbE OpenOnload (R7)
1014 04a7Solarflare 10Gb Low-latency Dual-port HBA (R7)
1014 04a8Solarflare 10Gb Dual-port HBA (R7)
103c 2132Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 570FLR-SFP+ Adapter (R1)
103c 2136Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 570SFP+ Adapter (R7)
1924 1201SFA6902F-R1 SFP+ AOE Adapter
1924 6200SFN5122F-R0 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6201SFN5122F-R1 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6202SFN5122F-R2 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6203
1924 6204SFN5122F-R4 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6205SFN5122F-R5 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6206SFN5122F-R6 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6207SFN5122F-R7 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6210SFN5322F-R0 SFP+ Precision Time Synchronization Server Adapter
1924 6211SFN5322F-R1 SFP+ Precision Time Synchronization Server Adapter
1924 6217SFN5322F-R7 SFP+ Precision Time Synchronization Server Adapter
1924 6227SFN6122F-R7 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6237SFN6322F-R7 SFP+ Precision Time Synchronization Server Adapter
1924 6501SFN5802K-R1 Mezzanine Adapter
1924 6511SFN5814H-R1 Mezzanine Adapter
1924 6521SFN5812H-R1 Mezzanine Adapter
1924 6562SFN6832F-R2 SFP+ Mezzanine Adapter
1924 6a05SFN5112F-R5 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 6a06SFN5112F-R6 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 7206SFN5162F-R6 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 7207SFN5162F-R7 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 7a06SFN5152F-R6 SFP+ Server Adapter
1924 7a07SFN5152F-R7 SFP+ Server Adapter

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