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Name: EB5200


Name: EB5200

Elektrobit Austria GmbH is the manufacturer of the EB5200 board, which is equipped with a P1022 configured in endpoint mode. The EB5200 is a FlexRay, CAN and LIN interface hardware. But due to its modular design extension boards for e.g. GPS and Digital-IO are available.


2012-06-18 19:23:48

Deletion request


2012-08-09 17:18:17

@notslar: Why do you request deletion? We need our devices in the upstream PCI database.
We are a paying member of PCI-SIG and all provided vendor and device information is valid.
Even the kernel drivers for our devices we deliver are distributed under the GPL.
If you need further information or clarification you can contact me directly under guenter dot ebermann at elektrobit dot com


2012-08-10 12:47:04

@ DeComSys: Please ignore this. notslar submitted oudated data by mistake.


2012-09-05 11:25:14