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Name: Innodisk Corporation


Name: Innodisk Corporation


This is Color Cheng from Innodisk, who is the product manager in charge of flash SSDs.
I'd like to add a new entry for PCI Vendor ID as "1BC0" for Name as Innodisk Corporation.
You could refer to the link:, which shows innodisk has registered as a member with PCI-SIG.
Thank you for your assistance.


2021-04-20 10:46:54



Id Name Note
1001PCIe 3TG6-P Controller
1002PCIe 3TE6 Controller
1160PCIe 3TE2 Controller
1321PCIe 4TG-P Controller
1322PCIe 4TE Controller
2262PCIe 3TG3-P Controller
5208PCIe 3TE7 Controller
5216PCIe 3TE8 Controller
5236PCIe 4TG2-P Controller

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