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Name: Astronics Corporation


Name: Astronics Corporation

This is the Astronics Vendor ID.


2015-06-16 20:24:48



Id Name Note
1001Mx5 PMC/XMC Databus Interface Card
1002PM1553-5 (PC/104+ MIL-STD-1553 Interface Card)
1004AB3000 Series Rugged Computer
1005PE1000 (Multi-Protocol PCIe/104 Interface Card)
1006webCS Wireless Aircraft Communications Server
1007AB3000 Series Rugged Computer (Series N)
1008ME1000 mPCIe Avionics Interface Card
100aNG1 Series Avionics Converter
1101OmniBus II PCIe Multi-Protocol Interface Card
1102OmniBusBox II Multi-Protocol Interface Core
1103OmniBus II cPCIe/PXIe Multi-Protocol Interface Card
1200NG3 Series Mil-Std-1553 Interface
1201NG3 Series ARINC 429 Interface
1202NG3 Series Avionics Discrete & Serial Interface
1203NG3 Series Avionics Discrete Interface

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