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Name: Geratherm Medical AG

Note: A medical device manufacturer


2016-10-03 23:35:56

The device you posted appears to be a USB device. Are you sure this is a PCI vendor ID? It is not registered with PCISIG.


2016-10-10 14:53:08

Deletion request

Yes, this is an USB device. OMG, I am in the completely wrong database then. Sorry for the spam.


2016-10-10 20:56:08

No, wait. I just went to, which tells me:
"Welcome to the new web interface of the USB ID database. It is using the new _PCI IDs web interface_. Many a thing has changed, so please read the help even if you were familiar with the old PCI IDs website."

And it links to "" which tells me that "The home of the PCI ID Repository has moved to a _new site_."

Which links to this site here, !


2016-10-10 20:59:42

Yes, it means the USB ID database uses the same software! Thus, it works the same way, but it's not the same database.


2016-10-11 16:08:57

Deletion request

Ok, I understand. I'll file that ID under the USB database then. You can delete this item here too!
Thanks for the explanation.


2016-10-12 06:41:40



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