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Name: Techman Electronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd.


2015-04-17 08:34:14

Are you sure? It appears your PCISIG registration isn't fully right since the decimal representation 7488 translates to 1D40 in hexadecimal, not 1D4D (decimal 7501) which is already registered to another company at PCISIG.


2015-04-18 20:45:41

Name: Hsin-Chen Lin

Thanks for your information.
From PIC-SIG website, we also find that 2 companies are registered by vendor ID Hex 1D4D. I am contacting PCI-SIG for this mistake. We consider that Techman should be registered by vendor ID Hex 1D40, not 1D4D. Once we get PIC-SIG feedback, I will let you know


2015-04-21 06:39:04

Name: Hsin-Chen Lin

Confirmed by PCI-SIG, Techman's vendor ID Hex is 1D40 (or 7488 in decimal). You can ignore this submission for 1D4D. Thanks.


2015-04-23 03:20:55

Thank you. I have accepted the 1d40 entry. In future please use the Name field for vendor/device names, not your own name.


2015-04-24 14:14:26



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