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Name: Fresco Logic USB3.0 VGA Display Adapter

Note: USB to VGA adapter

This is what comes up in my Win7 machine ... i dont know what chip it actually has in it ...
Im still looking to safely take it apart ... but that still dosen't mean that the chips are not clones with fake prints


2014-05-04 19:01:30

Name: KC7NOA

Note: addition

ok i got it apart ....
printed on ic is..
Fresco Logic

Ill add more when after i find my jewlers loop


2014-05-04 20:41:31

Name: KC7NOA

Note: Conflicting pic ID

What i dont understgand is this ...
Fresco Logic ID is 1B73 not 1D5C ... right?


2014-05-04 20:48:48

If this is a USB device it should not be posted here. Likely Fresco has a USB ID different from their PCI ID, that is why you see a different ID.
The chip is likely a DisplayLink one, I do not know any other USB3.0 to VGA chip manufacturer.
But anyway please do not post USB devices here, they belong at


2014-05-05 22:00:51

Name: KC7NOA

Note: delete

im sleeping when awake .. i swear...


2014-05-06 00:15:12

No problem. This entry is not added to the database.
And it looks like FL2000 is indeed the chip type, so it's actually not a DisplayLink device.


2014-05-06 10:19:08



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