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Name: NVMe SSD Controller UHXXXa series


Name: NVMe SSD Controller UHXXXa series


2021-07-29 10:29:35

NVMe SSD Controller UHXXXa series is Ramaxel's new product. Could you please help to add it in device list, besides, it has nine different capacities, I have added them in subsystem list, also please help to approve them, thanks.


2021-08-10 07:49:42

Hi Administrator, glad to contact you. we want to add NVMe SSD Controller UHXXXa series info in device list. A long time has passed after I submit application at the first time. Could you please tell us the reason why it isn't added? Looking forward to your reply.


2021-08-13 08:58:14



Id Name Note
1e81 a121NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 960GB
1e81 a122NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 1920GB
1e81 a123NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 3840GB 
1e81 a124NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 7680GB 
1e81 a125NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 15360GB
1e81 a211NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 800GB 
1e81 a212NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 1600GB 
1e81 a213NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 3200GB 
1e81 a214NVMe SSD UHXXXa series U.2 6400GB 
1e81 f123NVMe SSD TP6500 series U.2 3840GB

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