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Name: Tehuti Networks Ltd.


Name: Tehuti Networks Ltd.


2007-05-15 18:22:36



Id Name Note
311410-Giga TOE Dual Port Low Profile SmartNIC
331410-Giga TOE Dual Port Low Profile SmartNIC
331010-Giga TOE SFP+ Single Port SmartNIC
311010-Giga TOE Single Port SmartNIC
300910-Giga TOE SmartNIC
301010-Giga TOE SmartNIC
301410-Giga TOE SmartNIC 2-Port
4010TN4010 Clean SROM
4020TN9030 10GbE CX4 Ethernet Adapter
4024TN9210 10GBase-T Ethernet Adapter
4022TN9310 10GbE SFP+ Ethernet Adapter
4025TN9510 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Ethernet Adapter
4026TN9610 10GbE SFP+ Ethernet Adapter
4027TN9710P 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Ethernet Adapter
4527TN9710Q 5GBase-T/NBASE-T Ethernet Adapter

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