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Name: UCS E-Series Double Wide


Name: LSI MegaRAID SAS 2004 ROMB [UCSE Double Wide]

For information about the LSI RAID controller chips used in Cisco UCS E-series, you may visit
Cisco UCSE website or contact Renquan Cheng <> for more details.


2014-03-31 21:43:41

Name: UCS E-Series Double Wide

Please specify the Cisco product using this ID instead of LSI chip, LSI chip is already identified by its device ID. This is a Cisco ID so should be used for the Cisco product.


2014-03-31 22:52:29

Name: LSI MegaRAID SAS 2004 ROMB [Cisco UCS E-series Double-Wide Blade]

but 'Cisco UCS E-series Double-Wide Blade' is more of a market name, internally it's sharing same chip with LSI 9240-4i,
only with some initial NVData difference,

can we still use the name of 'LSI MegaRAID SAS 2004 ROMB [Cisco UCS E-series Double-Wide Blade]' ?
that prompts user could use same OS driver with LSI 9240-4i,


2014-03-31 23:46:30

This is a subsystem. Subsystems are usually for the board name on which the chip (marked with device ID) is found. The device ID tells you which chip it is (LSI, vendor 1000) and the subsystem on what board the chip is found. It is indeed intended to be an ID of the board because the vendor is 1137, Cisco.


2014-04-01 09:59:28