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Name: Radeon HD 6770M


Name: Radeon HD 6770M


2013-05-28 16:47:39

Name: 1002:6740 103c:3388 flashing issues

Note: help trying to flash 1002:6740 103c:3388 ATI CARD

Hi, i haven´t been able to locate the BIOS for 1002:6740 103c:3388, i'm trying a bios flash with a 1002:6740 for the TPU database, but is not working...
i did the -biosfileinfo (rom.bin), and i answers "BIOS P/N not found". i did try with at least 6 different Atiflash versions. and in the last 2 ones (417 & 411) don't even recognize the card, the test fails.
in each test i did unlock and force the write procedure, but always fails.
in each test the -i and the -ai works, and recognize the adapter in the pcie 0.

Please Help, i don't know how did i screw it. but i want to fix it...

i don´t know if this is the rigth place to request for help. but it is my exact ATI Card and you are DB manager... sorry in advance.


2014-07-03 21:47:04

Hi javierhdiaz, this is a database not managed by T4CFantasy (he just sends device names from his own data at times). I am not affiliated with Techpowerup / GPU-Z so I cannot provide support for any procedures outlined on their website. This is just a database of hardware names for use on Linux, the web interface here is not meant for problems with the hardware itself or its drivers.


2014-07-06 19:53:53