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Name: RX 560D OEM OC 2 GB


Name: RX 560D [Dell OEM]

The IDs for vendor, device, subsystem_vendor, and subsystem_sevice I obtained from the amdgpu-ls command of the amdgpu-utils program, The proposed name I derived from the TechPowerUp GPU database descriptor for the card at While there are two other RX 560D entries in the pic.ids database, I didn't see where their indexed name, Polaris 21 XL [Radeon RX 560D], was sufficiently descriptive, so I propose here a more descriptive name for this particular RX 560 card.


2019-09-10 21:11:54

Name: RX 560D OEM OC 2 GB


2019-09-13 15:18:31