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Name: Radeon R7 250


Name: Radeon R7 250

Note: Rev 87

Latest Bios of AMD Radeon R7 250 (Oland XT) use id 1002:682b instead of id 1002:6610. My MSI card is correctly detected in Windows 10 x64 as Radeon R7 250 but in Ubuntu 18.04.1 x64 it is incorrectly detected as Radeon HD 8830M 'Venus LE / Tropo PRO-L [Radeon HD 8830M / R7 M465X]'

The specification of the card with a bios like this can be seen at:


2018-09-12 04:53:15

This ID isnt oland, which means that is a cape verde R7 250


2018-09-12 09:03:02

Cape Verde is Radeon R7 250E (Cape Verde Pro) and Radeon R7 250X (Cape Verde XT). Radeon R7 250 is Oland XT

The Specifications of Radeon R7 250, Radeon R7 250E and Radeon R7 250X, you can see them in:


2018-09-13 01:44:36

Name: Radeon R7 250


2018-09-14 14:44:15

there are many different variants of the 250, Oland, Cape Verde are the main 2. IDs dont lie, dont believe in wikipedia they dont show all the variants.


2018-09-14 18:47:28

Check my card in Windows 10 with the GPU-Z Tool. Effectively recognizes it as 'Cape Verde'.

He read nine times the information available on the site

In which is mentioned as
- Radeon R7 250 Cape Verde PRO

I was confused, you were right T4CFantasy

Thank you


2018-09-17 04:47:23