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Name: Pavilion 17-e163sg Notebook PC


Name: 1985 motherboard F7T36EA#ABD [Pavilion 17-e163sg Notebook PC]

motherboard name: "1985"
system name: "F7T36EA#ABD"
marketing name: "Pavilion 17-e163sg Notebook PC"


2015-08-02 23:08:49

Name: Trinity A10-4600M on 1985 motherboard F7T36EA#ABD [Pavilion 17-e163sg Notebook PC]

I suggest to include the exact APU version here.


2015-08-02 23:30:48

Name: Pavilion 17-e163sg Notebook PC

If the subsystem is from motherboard 1985, it's better not to mention the CPU model as different CPU may be used on the same board. It's a HP (103c) subsystem, not an AMD (1002/1022) one.
Just to be clear, is the number 1985 visible anywhere in documentation/printed on the board?


2015-08-27 19:28:01

The board's model number is from "dmidecode" output, if I remember correctly. Having only one sample, I can only guess whether HP uses the same subsystem on similar, but not identical machines, or if it's specific to this exact model. My suggestion was based on the fact that the "17-e163sg" has always an "A10-4600M" (according to my research) while the "1985" board might be used on other models with different chips.


2016-06-20 20:39:38

This was a machine I had temporarily for repair or maintenance, so I cannot have a look at it physically now.


2016-06-21 23:03:06