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Name: CK804 Memory Controller


Name: CK804 Memory Controller

These new NVIDIA IDs need to be in by 9/29/04.


2004-09-24 22:30:20



Id Name Note
1028 0225PowerEdge T105 Memory Controller
1043 815aA8N Series Mainboard
10de 005eECS Elitegroup NFORCE3-A939 motherboard.
10f1 2865Tomcat K8E (S2865)
10f1 2891Thunder K8SRE Mainboard
1458 5000GA-K8N Ultra-9 Mainboard
1462 7100K8N Diamond Mainboard
1462 7125K8N Neo4-F Mainboard
147b 1c1aKN8-Ultra Mainboard
1565 3402NF4 AM2L Mainboard

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