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Name: Pavilion dv9500/9600/9700 series


Name: Pavilion dv9668eg Laptop

Note: Quanta 30DA mainboard


2013-02-09 03:59:41

Name: Pavilion dv9668eg Laptop


2013-02-09 15:35:27

Name: Pavilion dv9500/9600/9700 series

I currently work on a HP Pavilion dv9830eg laptop and it has the same device.
According to HP this laptop is part of the Pavilion dv9700 familiy (it even says so on the display frame).

There is a Maintenance and Service Guide for HP Pavilion dv9500, dv9600, and dv9700 Entertainment PCs here:
This suggests that the dv9500/dv9600/dv9700 series are very similar.

Since we don't know about a dv9500 yet, I suggest the name should include at least dv9600/dv9800, because both are confirmed (dv9668eg, dv9830eg). A more generic name would be "Pavilion dv9500/9600/9700 series" (of which the dv9830eg is a part of).


2015-10-11 16:44:09