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Name: MCP73 PCI Bridge


Name: MCP73 PCIe x16 port


2015-05-19 02:06:52

Name: MCP73 PCIe x1 port

Sorry, this is the x1 port wich I previously overlooked under a few cables when examining the board.
The x16 port is "10de:056e:10de:0000", and its bridge becomes only "visible" on the bus if a card is plugged in.


2015-05-21 21:44:11

Name: MCP73 legacy PCI slots

I've got it wrong once more: this is a bridge for the two legacy PCI slots, which is always visible in "lspci" regardless if anything is plugged in.
I've previously mistaken this for the x1 port, because I previously thought the legacy ports would reside on the main bus.
Both PCIe ports become visible only in "lspci" if a card is plugged in.
I tested the behaviour by plugging different devices into all slots, to be sure to get it definitely correct this time.


2015-07-10 18:42:43

Name: MCP73 PCI Bridge

You should be able to see with lspci -vv which device is connected via which bridge, as bridges show their secondary bus number there.


2015-07-21 23:49:40