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Name: VIA Technologies, Inc.


Name: VIA Technologies, Inc.

2008-10-06 17:52:22

Name: 5364


2010-05-26 11:54:08

Note that VIA Labs, Inc. (VLI) also uses this ID.


2012-12-07 13:30:07



Id Name Note
0102Embedded VIA Ethernet Controller
0130VT6305 1394.A Controller
0198P4X600 Host Bridge
0204K8M800 Host Bridge
0208PT890 Host Bridge
0238K8T890 Host Bridge
0258PT880 Host Bridge
0259CN333/CN400/PM880 Host Bridge
0269KT880 Host Bridge
0282K8T800Pro Host Bridge
0290K8M890 Host Bridge
0293PM896 Host Bridge
0296P4M800 Host Bridge
0305VT8363/8365 [KT133/KM133]
0308PT880 Ultra/PT894 Host Bridge
0314CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge
0324CX700/VX700 Host Bridge
0327P4M890 Host Bridge
0336K8M890CE Host Bridge
0340PT900 Host Bridge
0351K8T890CF Host Bridge
0353VX800 Host Bridge
0364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge
0391VT8371 [KX133]
0409VX855/VX875 Host Bridge: Host Control
0410VX900 Host Bridge: Host Control
0415VT6415 PATA IDE Host Controller
0501VT8501 [Apollo MVP4]
0561VT82C576MVShares chip with :0576. The VT82C576M has :1571 instead of :0561.
0571VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE
0576VT82C576 3V [Apollo Master]
0581CX700/VX700 RAID Controller
0585VT82C585VP [Apollo VP1/VPX]
0586VT82C586/A/B PCI-to-ISA [Apollo VP]
0591VT8237A SATA 2-Port Controller
0595VT82C595 [Apollo VP2]
0596VT82C596 ISA [Mobile South]
0597VT82C597 [Apollo VP3]
0598VT82C598 [Apollo MVP3]
0601VT8601 [Apollo ProMedia]
0605VT8605 [ProSavage PM133]
0680VT82C680 [Apollo P6]
0686VT82C686 [Apollo Super South]
0691VT82C693A/694x [Apollo PRO133x]
0693VT82C693 [Apollo Pro Plus]
0698VT82C693A [Apollo Pro133 AGP]
0709VX11 Standard Host Bridge
070aVX11 PCI Express Root Port
070bVX11 PCI Express Root Port
070cVX11 PCI Express Root Port
070dVX11 PCI Express Root Port
070eVX11 PCI Express Root Port
0926VT82C926 [Amazon]
1122VX800/VX820 Chrome 9 HC3 Integrated Graphics
1204K8M800 Host Bridge
1208PT890 Host Bridge
1238K8T890 Host Bridge
1258PT880 Host Bridge
1259CN333/CN400/PM880 Host Bridge
1269KT880 Host Bridge
1282K8T800Pro Host Bridge
1290K8M890 Host Bridge
1293PM896 Host Bridge
1296P4M800 Host Bridge
1308PT894 Host Bridge
1314CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge
1324CX700/VX700 Host Bridge
1327P4M890 Host Bridge
1336K8M890CE Host Bridge
1340PT900 Host Bridge
1351VT3351 Host Bridge
1353VX800/VX820 Error Reporting
1364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge
1409VX855/VX875 Error Reporting
1410VX900 Error Reporting
1595VT82C595/97 [Apollo VP2/97]
1732VT1732 [Envy24 II] PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller
2106VIA Rhine Family Fast Ethernet Adapter (VT6105)
2204K8M800 Host Bridge
2208PT890 Host Bridge
2238K8T890 Host Bridge
2258PT880 Host Bridge
2259CN333/CN400/PM880 CPU Host Bridge
2269KT880 Host Bridge
2282K8T800Pro Host Bridge
2290K8M890 Host Bridge
2293PM896 Host Bridge
2296P4M800 Host Bridge
2308PT894 Host Bridge
2314CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge
2324CX700/VX700 Host Bridge
2327P4M890 Host Bridge
2336K8M890CE Host Bridge
2340PT900 Host Bridge
2351VT3351 Host Bridge
2353VX800/VX820 Host Bus Control
2364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge
2409VX855/VX875 Host Bus Control
2410VX900 CPU Bus Controller
287aVT8251 PCI to PCI Bridge
287bVT8251 Host Bridge
287cVT8251 PCIE Root Port
287dVT8251 PCIE Root Port
287eVT8237/8251 Ultra VLINK Controller
3038VT82xx/62xx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller
3040VT82C586B ACPI
3043VT86C100A [Rhine]
3044VT6306/7/8 [Fire II(M)] IEEE 1394 OHCI Controller
3050VT82C596 Power Management
3051VT82C596 Power Management
3053VT6105M [Rhine-III]
3057VT82C686 [Apollo Super ACPI]
3058VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller
3059VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller
3065VT6102/VT6103 [Rhine-II]
3068AC'97 Modem ControllerThis hosts more than just the Intel 537 codec, it also hosts PCtel (SIL33) and SmartLink (SIL34) codecs
3074VT8233 PCI to ISA Bridge
3091VT8633 [Apollo Pro266]
3099VT8366/A/7 [Apollo KT266/A/333]
3101VT8653 Host Bridge
3102VT8662 Host Bridge
3103VT8615 Host Bridge
3104USB 2.0
3106VT6105/VT6106S [Rhine-III]
3108K8M800/K8N800/K8N800A [S3 UniChrome Pro]
3109VT8233C PCI to ISA Bridge
3112VT8361 [KLE133] Host Bridge
3113VPX/VPX2 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
3116VT8375 [KM266/KL266] Host Bridge
3118CN400/PM800/PM880/PN800/PN880 [S3 UniChrome Pro]
3119VT6120/VT6121/VT6122 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
3122VT8623 [Apollo CLE266] integrated CastleRock graphics
3123VT8623 [Apollo CLE266]
3128VT8753 [P4X266 AGP]
3133VT3133 Host Bridge
3142VT6651 WiFi Adapter, 802.11b
3147VT8233A ISA Bridge
3148P4M266 Host Bridge
3149VIA VT6420 SATA RAID Controller
3156P/KN266 Host Bridge
3157CX700/VX700 [S3 UniChrome Pro]
3164VT6410 ATA133 RAID controller
3168P4X333/P4X400/PT800 AGP Bridge
3177VT8235 ISA Bridge
3178ProSavageDDR P4N333 Host Bridge
3188VT8385 [K8T800 AGP] Host Bridge
3189VT8377 [KT400/KT600 AGP] Host Bridge
31b0VX11 Standard Host Bridge
31b1VX11 Standard Host Bridge
31b2VX11 DRAM Controller
31b3VX11 Power Management Controller
31b4VX11 I/O APIC
31b5VX11 Scratch Device
31b7VX11 Standard Host Bridge
31b8VX11 PCI to PCI Bridge
3204K8M800 Host Bridge
3205VT8378 [KM400/A] Chipset Host Bridge
3208PT890 Host Bridge
3213VPX/VPX2 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
3218K8T800M Host Bridge
3227VT8237 ISA bridge [KT600/K8T800/K8T890 South]
3230K8M890CE/K8N890CE [Chrome 9]
3238K8T890 Host Bridge
3249VT6421 IDE/SATA Controller
324aCX700/VX700 PCI to PCI Bridge
324bCX700/VX700 Host Bridge
324eCX700/VX700 Internal Module Bus
3253VT6655 WiFi Adapter, 802.11a/b/g
3258PT880 Host Bridge
3259CN333/CN400/PM880 Host Bridge
3260VIA Chrome9 HC IGP
3269KT880 Host Bridge
3282K8T800Pro Host Bridge
3287VT8251 PCI to ISA Bridge
3288VT8237A/VT8251 HDA Controller
3290K8M890 Host Bridge
3296P4M800 Host Bridge
3324CX700/VX700 Host Bridge
3327P4M890 Host Bridge
3336K8M890CE Host Bridge
3337VT8237A PCI to ISA Bridge
3340PT900 Host Bridge
3343P4M890 [S3 UniChrome Pro]
3344CN700/P4M800 Pro/P4M800 CE/VN800 Graphics [S3 UniChrome Pro]
3349VT8251 AHCI/SATA 4-Port Controller
3351VT3351 Host Bridge
3353VX800 PCI to PCI Bridge
3364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge
3371CN896/VN896/P4M900 [Chrome 9 HC]
3372VT8237S PCI to ISA Bridge
337aVT8237A PCI to PCI Bridge
337bVT8237A Host Bridge
3403VT6315 Series Firewire Controller
3409VX855/VX875 DRAM Bus Control
3410VX900 DRAM Bus Control
3432VL80x xHCI USB 3.0 Controller
3456VX11 Standard Host Bridge
345bVX11 Miscellaneous Bus
3483VL805 USB 3.0 Host Controller
3a01VX11 Graphics [Chrome 645/640]
4149VIA VT6420 (ATA133) Controller
4204K8M800 Host Bridge
4208PT890 Host Bridge
4238K8T890 Host Bridge
4258PT880 Host Bridge
4259CN333/CN400/PM880 Host Bridge
4269KT880 Host Bridge
4282K8T800Pro Host Bridge
4290K8M890 Host Bridge
4293PM896 Host Bridge
4296P4M800 Host Bridge
4308PT894 Host Bridge
4314CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge
4324CX700/VX700 Host Bridge
4327P4M890 Host Bridge
4336K8M890CE Host Bridge
4340PT900 Host Bridge
4351VT3351 Host Bridge
4353VX800/VX820 Power Management Control
4364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge
4409VX855/VX875 Power Management Control
4410VX900 Power Management and Chip Testing Control
5030VT82C596 ACPI [Apollo PRO]
5122VX855/VX875 Chrome 9 HCM Integrated Graphics
5208PT890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5238K8T890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5287VT8251 Serial ATA Controller
5290K8M890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5308PT894 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5324VX800 Serial ATA and EIDE Controller
5327P4M890 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5336K8M890CE I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5340PT900 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5351VT3351 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5353VX800/VX820 APIC and Central Traffic Control
5364CN896/VN896/P4M900 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
5372VT8237/8251 Serial ATA Controller
5409VX855/VX875 APIC and Central Traffic Control
5410VX900 APIC and Central Traffic Control
6100VT85C100A [Rhine II]
6287SATA RAID Controller
6290K8M890CE Host Bridge
6327P4M890 Security Device
6353VX800/VX820 Scratch Registers
6364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Security Device
6409VX855/VX875 Scratch Registers
6410VX900 Scratch Registers
7122VX900 Graphics [Chrome9 HD]
7204K8M800 Host Bridge
7205KM400/KN400/P4M800 [S3 UniChrome]
7208PT890 Host Bridge
7238K8T890 Host Bridge
7258PT880 Host Bridge
7259CN333/CN400/PM880 Host Bridge
7269KT880 Host Bridge
7282K8T800Pro Host Bridge
7290K8M890 Host Bridge
7293PM896 Host Bridge
7296P4M800 Host Bridge
7308PT894 Host Bridge
7314CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge
7324CX700/VX700 Host Bridge
7327P4M890 Host Bridge
7336K8M890CE Host Bridge
7340PT900 Host Bridge
7351VT3351 Host Bridge
7353VX800/VX820 North-South Module Interface Control
7364CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge
7409VX855/VX875 North-South Module Interface Control
7410VX900 North-South Module Interface Control
8231VT8231 [PCI-to-ISA Bridge]
8235VT8235 ACPI
8305VT8363/8365 [KT133/KM133 AGP]
8324CX700/VX700 PCI to ISA Bridge
8353VX800/VX820 Bus Control and Power Management
8391VT8371 [KX133 AGP]
8409VX855/VX875 Bus Control and Power Management
8410VX900 Bus Control and Power Management
8501VT8501 [Apollo MVP4 AGP]
8596VT82C596 [Apollo PRO AGP]
8597VT82C597 [Apollo VP3 AGP]
8598VT82C598/694x [Apollo MVP3/Pro133x AGP]
8601VT8601 [Apollo ProMedia AGP]
8605VT8605 [PM133 AGP]
8691VT82C691 [Apollo Pro]
8693VT82C693 [Apollo Pro Plus] PCI Bridge
8a25PL133/PL133T [S3 ProSavage]
8a26KL133/KL133A/KM133/KM133A [S3 ProSavage]
8d01PN133/PN133T [S3 Twister]
8d04KM266/P4M266/P4M266A/P4N266 [S3 ProSavageDDR]
9001VX900 Serial ATA Controller
9082Standard AHCI 1.0 SATA Controller
9140HDMI Audio Device
9201USB3.0 Controller
9530Secure Digital Memory Card Controller
95d0SDIO Host Controller
a208PT890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
a238K8T890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
a327P4M890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
a353VX8xx South-North Module Interface Control
a364CN896/VN896/P4M900 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
a409VX855/VX875 USB Device Controller
a410VX900 PCI Express Root Port 0
b091VT8633 [Apollo Pro266 AGP]
b099VT8366/A/7 [Apollo KT266/A/333 AGP]
b101VT8653 AGP Bridge
b102VT8362 AGP Bridge
b103VT8615 AGP Bridge
b112VT8361 [KLE133] AGP Bridge
b113VPX/VPX2 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
b115VT8363/8365 [KT133/KM133] PCI Bridge
b168VT8235 PCI Bridge
b188VT8237/8251 PCI bridge [K8M890/K8T800/K8T890 South]
b198VT8237/VX700 PCI Bridge
b213VPX/VPX2 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller
b353VX855/VX875/VX900 PCI to PCI Bridge
b410VX900 PCI Express Root Port 1
b999[K8T890 North / VT8237 South] PCI Bridge
c208PT890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
c238K8T890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
c327P4M890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
c340PT900 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
c353VX800/VX820 PCI Express Root Port
c364CN896/VN896/P4M900 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
c409VX855/VX875 EIDE Controller
c410VX900 PCI Express Root Port 2
d104VT8237R USB UDCI Controller
d208PT890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
d213VPX/VPX2 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
d238K8T890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
d340PT900 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
d410VX900 PCI Express Root Port 3
e208PT890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
e238K8T890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
e340PT900 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
e353VX800/VX820 PCI Express Root Port
e410VX900 PCI Express Physical Layer Electrical Sub-block
f208PT890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
f238K8T890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
f340PT900 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller
f353VX800/VX820 PCI Express Root Port

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