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Name: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

Note: Used in hp 8560p Laptop


2012-07-25 10:29:56

Codecs are not visible in lspci, so having them in the PCI IDs database makes no sense.


2012-09-19 22:05:40

Item shows up in device manager as "unknown device" after a clean Win7 setup, and there is a driver available for it, so it has a place here in my book.
Please see - it *is* a PCI device.


2012-09-20 08:26:29

Sure, audio codecs use PCI IDs but in Linux they are not shown in lspci: only the controller chip is shown. In Linux the names of audio codecs are hardcoded in their drivers instead.


2012-09-20 11:50:01

Well this is exactly what i use this repository for - to identify those "unknown devices" on new hardware. If that doesn't apply for some OS - fine for them :)


2012-09-20 13:40:13



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