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Name: Broadcom

Note: nee ServerWorks


Name: Broadcom (formerly ServerWorks)

Broadcom bought ServerWorks:


2005-04-02 03:51:53

Name: Broadcom

nee ServerWorks


2005-08-17 15:25:56

Name: Broadcom

Note: nee ServerWorks

2008-10-06 17:52:25



Id Name Note
0132BCM5780 [HT2000] PCI-Express Bridge
0130BCM5780 [HT2000] PCI-X bridge
0214BCM5785 [HT1000] IDE
0205BCM5785 [HT1000] Legacy South Bridge
0234BCM5785 [HT1000] LPC
0036BCM5785 [HT1000] PCI/PCI-X Bridge
0104BCM5785 [HT1000] PCI/PCI-X Bridge
024aBCM5785 [HT1000] SATA (Native SATA Mode)
024bBCM5785 [HT1000] SATA (PATA/IDE Mode)The device starts as 024A, and changes to 024B if set to PATA mode in BIOS
0223BCM5785 [HT1000] USB
0238BCM5785 [HT1000] WDTimer
0235BCM5785 [HT1000] XIOAPIC0-2
0110CIOB-E I/O Bridge with Gigabit Ethernet
0101CIOB-X2 PCI-X I/O Bridge
0015CMIC-GC Host Bridge
0016CMIC-GC Host Bridge
0014CMIC-LE Host Bridge (GC-LE chipset)
0012CMIC-WS Host Bridge (GC-LE chipset)
0013CNB20-HE Host Bridge
0005CNB20-LE Host Bridge
0007CNB20-LE Host Bridge
0006CNB20HE Host Bridge
0008CNB20HE Host Bridge
0009CNB20LE Host Bridge
0212CSB5 IDE Controller
0225CSB5 LPC bridge
0230CSB5 LPC bridge
0201CSB5 South Bridge
0217CSB6 IDE Controller
0221CSB6 OHCI USB Controller
0213CSB6 RAID/IDE Controller
0203CSB6 South Bridge
0103EPB PCI-Express to PCI-X Bridge
0227GCLE-2 Host Bridge
0017GCNB-LE Host Bridge
021bHT1100 HD Audio
0031HT1100 HPX0 HT Host Bridge
040aHT1100 ISA-LPC Bridge
0408HT1100 Legacy Device
0420HT1100 PCI-Express Bridge
0422HT1100 PCI-Express Bridge
0406HT1100 PCI-X Bridge
0421HT1100 SAS/SATA Controller
0410HT1100 SATA Controller (Native SATA Mode)
0411HT1100 SATA Controller (PATA / IDE Mode)
0414HT1100 USB EHCI Controller
0416HT1100 USB EHCI Controller (with Debug Port)
0412HT1100 USB OHCI Controller
0140HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0141HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0142HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0144HT2100 PCI-Express Bridge
0240K2 SATA
0211OSB4 IDE Controller
0200OSB4 South Bridge
0220OSB4/CSB5 OHCI USB Controller
0242RAIDCore BC4000
0241RAIDCore RC4000

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