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Name: NVMe SSD Controller Cx5


Name: NVMe SSD Controller Cx5


2018-11-15 12:28:09



Id Name Note
1028 1ffbExpress Flash NVMe 960G (RI) U.2 (CD5)
1028 1ffcExpress Flash NVMe 1.92T (RI) U.2 (CD5)
1028 1ffdExpress Flash NVMe 3.84T (RI) U.2 (CD5)
1028 1ffeExpress Flash NVMe 7.68T (RI) U.2 (CD5)
1179 0001KIOXIA CM5-R series SSD
1179 0021KIOXIA CD5 series SSD
1d49 4039Thinksystem U.2 CM5 NVMe SSD
1d49 403aThinksystem AIC CM5 NVMe SSD

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