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Name: Toshiba Corporation


Name: Toshiba America Info Systems

2008-10-06 17:52:25

Name: Toshiba Corporation

Name seems to be outdated. Toshiba Memory Corp (now Kioxia) also uses it.


2019-10-11 23:42:42



Id Name Note
0102Extended IDE Controller
0103EX-IDE Type-B
010ePXP04 NVMe SSD
010fNVMe Controller
0110NVMe SSD Controller Cx5
0113BG3 NVMe SSD Controller
0115XG4 NVMe SSD Controller
011aXG6 NVMe SSD Controller
0404DVD Decoder card
0406Tecra Video Capture device
0407DVD Decoder card (Version 2)
0601CPU to PCI bridge
0602PCI to ISA bridge
0603ToPIC95 PCI to CardBus Bridge for Notebooks
0604PCI-Docking Host bridge
0617ToPIC100 PCI to Cardbus Bridge with ZV Support
0618CPU to PCI and PCI to ISA bridge
0701FIR Port Type-O
0803TC6371AF SD Host Controller
0804TC6371AF SmartMedia Controller
0805SD TypA Controller
0d01FIR Port Type-DO

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