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Name: Pericom Semiconductor

Note: acquired by Diodes Inc.


Name: Pericom Semiconductor

2008-10-06 17:52:27

Acquired by Diodes Incorporated in 2015:
The Pericom name is still used as a name of serial communications product lines, so it's not necessarily wrong.


2019-02-06 15:02:50

Name: Pericom Semiconductor

Note: acquired by Diodes Inc.


2019-02-11 09:43:02



Id Name Note
01a77C21P100 2-port PCI-X to PCI-X Bridge
e130PCI Express to PCI-XPI7C9X130 PCI-X Bridge
8150PCI to PCI Bridge
71e2PI7C7300A/PI7C7300D PCI-to-PCI Bridge
71e3PI7C7300A/PI7C7300D PCI-to-PCI Bridge (Secondary Bus 2)
8140PI7C8140A PCI-to-PCI Bridge
8148PI7C8148A/PI7C8148B PCI-to-PCI Bridge
8152PI7C8152A/PI7C8152B/PI7C8152BI PCI-to-PCI Bridge
8154PI7C8154A/PI7C8154B/PI7C8154BI PCI-to-PCI Bridge
e110PI7C9X110 PCI Express to PCI bridge
e111PI7C9X111SL PCIe-to-PCI Reversible Bridge
2304PI7C9X2G304 EL/SL PCIe2 3-Port/4-Lane Packet Switch
2608PI7C9X2G608GP PCIe2 6-Port/8-Lane Packet Switch
400aPI7C9X442SL PCI Express Bridge Port
400fPI7C9X442SL USB EHCI Controller
400ePI7C9X442SL USB OHCI Controller

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