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Name: NVMe SSD Controller 171X


Name: NVMe SSD Controller 171X


2013-10-25 05:26:41



Id Name Note
1028 1fbcExpress Flash NVMe SM1715 1.6TB AIC
1028 1fbbExpress Flash NVMe SM1715 1.6TB SFF
1028 1fa6Express Flash NVMe SM1715 3.2TB AIC
1028 1fa4Express Flash NVMe SM1715 3.2TB SFF
1028 1fbaExpress Flash NVMe SM1715 800GB SFF
1028 1f97Express Flash NVMe XS1715 SSD 1600GB
1028 1f95Express Flash NVMe XS1715 SSD 400GB
1028 1f96Express Flash NVMe XS1715 SSD 800GB

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