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Name: Conexant Systems, Inc.


Name: 8811

2008-07-13 16:01:27

Name: Conexant Systems, Inc.

5051 [ Audio] / 5051_ [unknow Realtek High Definition Audio]


2008-08-13 09:15:24

Name: Conexant

2008-10-06 17:52:30

Name: hp/compaq alhena 5-gl6

Note: HP pavilion6020-PCI TV Tuner Card with Remote Control



2009-01-12 15:53:28

Please submit it as a device, not a vendor.


2009-01-30 14:14:54



Id Name Note
1002HCF 56k Modem
1003HCF 56k Modem
1004HCF 56k Modem
1005HCF 56k Modem
1006HCF 56k Modem
1022HCF 56k Modem
1023HCF 56k Modem
1024HCF 56k Modem
1025HCF 56k Modem
1026HCF 56k Modem
1032HCF 56k Modem
1033HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem
1034HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1035HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem
1036HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
1052HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem (Worldwide)
1053HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem (Worldwide)
1054HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem (Worldwide)
1055HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem (Worldwide)
1056HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem (Worldwide)
1057HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem (Worldwide)
1059HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem (Worldwide)
1063HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem
1064HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1065HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem
1066HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
1085HCF V90 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp PCI Modem
10b6CX06834-11 HCF V.92 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
1433HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem
1434HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1435HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem
1436HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem
1453HCF 56k Data/Fax Modem
1454HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem
1455HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem
1456HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
1610ADSL AccessRunner PCI Arbitration Device
1611AccessRunner PCI ADSL Interface Device
1620AccessRunner V2 PCI ADSL Arbitration Device
1621AccessRunner V2 PCI ADSL Interface Device
1622AccessRunner V2 PCI ADSL Yukon WAN Adapter
1803HCF 56k Modem
1811MiniPCI Network Adapter
1815HCF 56k Modem
1830CX861xx Integrated Host BridgeIntegrated in CX86111/CX86113 processors
2003HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem
2004HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem
2005HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem
2006HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
2013HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem
2014HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem
2015HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem
2016HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
2043HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem (WorldW SmartDAA)
2044HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem (WorldW SmartDAA)
2045HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem (WorldW SmartDAA)
2046HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem (WorldW SmartDAA)
2063HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem (SmartDAA)
2064HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem (SmartDAA)
2065HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/Handset) Modem (SmartDAA)
2066HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem (SmartDAA)
2093HSF 56k Modem
2143HSF 56k Data/Fax/Cell Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2144HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Cell Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2145HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/HS)/Cell Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2146HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp/Cell Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2163HSF 56k Data/Fax/Cell Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2164HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Cell Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2165HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/HS)/Cell Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2166HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp/Cell Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2343HSF 56k Data/Fax CardBus Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2344HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice CardBus Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2345HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/HS) CardBus Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2346HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp CardBus Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2363HSF 56k Data/Fax CardBus Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2364HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice CardBus Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2365HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/HS) CardBus Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2366HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp CardBus Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2443HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2444HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2445HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/HS) Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2446HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA)
2463HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2464HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2465HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp (w/HS) Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2466HSF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem (Mob SmartDAA)
2702HSFi modem RD01-D270
2f00HSF 56k HSFi Modem
2f02HSF 56k HSFi Data/Fax
2f11HSF 56k HSFi Modem
2f20HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem
2f30SoftV92 SpeakerPhone SoftRing Modem with SmartSP
2f50Conexant SoftK56 Data/Fax Modem
510fConexant CX 20751/20752
5b7aCX23418 Single-Chip MPEG-2 Encoder with Integrated Analog Video/Broadcast Audio Decoder
8234RS8234 ATM SAR Controller [ServiceSAR Plus]
8800CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder
8801CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [Audio Port]
8802CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [MPEG Port]
8804CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [IR Port]
8811CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [Audio Port]
8852CX23885 PCI Video and Audio Decoder
8880CX23887/8 PCIe Broadcast Audio and Video Decoder with 3D Comb

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