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Name: BCM57414 NetXtreme-E 10Gb/25Gb RDMA Ethernet Controller


Name: BCM57414 NetXtreme-E Dual-port 10Gb/25Gb RDMA Ethernet


2016-06-02 23:02:32

Name: BCM57414 NetXtreme-E 10Gb/25Gb RDMA Ethernet Controller

Some ASICs in the NetXtreme-E product family can be implemented as a single-port or dual-port NIC which is board specific (i.e. PCI subsystem ID specific). Remove single/dual port designation for the ASIC to reduce confusion.


2016-08-12 01:26:29



Id Name Note
14e4 1202
14e4 1402BCM957414A4142CC 10Gb/25Gb Ethernet PCIe
14e4 1404BCM957414M4142C OCP 2x25G Type1 wRoCE
14e4 4140NetXtreme E-Series Advanced Dual-port 25Gb SFP28 Network Daughter Card
14e4 4143NetXtreme-E Single-port 40Gb/50Gb Ethernet OCP 2.0 Adapter (BCM957414M4143C)BCM957414M4143C
14e4 4146NetXtreme-E Dual-port 25G SFP28 Ethernet OCP 3.0 Adapter (BCM957414N4140C)
1590 020eEthernet 25Gb 2-port 631SFP28 Adapter
1590 0211Ethernet 25Gb 2-port 631FLR-SFP28 Adapter
1eec 0101VSE250231S Dual-port 10Gb/25Gb Ethernet PCIe

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