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Name: Celerity FC-44XS/FC-42XS/FC-41XS/FC-44ES/FC-42ES/FC-41ES


Name: [ATTO] Celerity FC-42XS Fibre Channel Adapter


2009-08-19 15:03:10

Name: Celerity FC-42XS Fibre Channel Adapter

Device/subsystem names should not contain the name of the vendor.


2009-09-14 11:29:34

Name: Celerity FC-44XS/FC-42XS/FC-41XS/FC-44ES/FC-42ES/FC-41ES

The same device ID is utilized by multiple different HBAs sold by this vendor. Not sure if there's a more concise way to denote this, but we have this same device ID in a couple of our systems and the manufacturer's model number is completely different.


2013-12-05 01:16:08

Is Agilent Technologies (vendor 15bc) the same as ATTO? Or did ATTO buy chips from Agilent for these devices?

You could write it shorter by using 4x instead of 44/42/41, since you have subsystems anyway to distinguish the cards. I have done that at the 11f8:8032 device.


2013-12-05 19:23:48

Officially, I don't know, but we've been using ATTO FC cards across multiple generations and while they (ATTO) use similar branding nomenclature, it looks like they've used different fabricators across the generations. The next iteration of these cards were the FC8xEN, which look to have been manufactured by PMC-Sierra instead of Agilent. Maybe we should just remove ATTO designation and refer to them as Celerity (which is the name of the kernel module) as there may be other manufacturers building with the same chipset?


2013-12-05 23:44:38

You already added subsystems of ATTO here so could you please submit the model of the Agilent chip used in these devices? If you have one of those cards at hand you'll probably see it printed on the chip.


2013-12-08 14:09:16



Id Name Note
117c 0022Celerity FC-42XS Fibre Channel Adapter
117c 0025Celerity FC-44ES Fibre Channel Adapter
117c 0026Celerity FC-42ES Fibre Channel Adapter

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