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Name: RT2500 Wireless 802.11bg


Name: Ralink RT2500 802.11 Cardbus Reference Card

a PCMCIA 802.11b and 802.11g Wlan Card


2004-03-26 14:44:36

Name: Ralink RT2500 802.11G Cardbus/mini-PCI

I have a mini-PCI card with ID 201


2005-11-24 01:36:32

Name: RT2500 802.11G Cardbus/mini-PCI

Remove Company name


2005-11-27 18:04:09

Name: RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI


2006-01-24 10:12:23

Name: RT2500 802.11g

I have a PCI card with this ID


2010-06-17 14:43:06

Name: RT2500 Wireless 802.11bg


2011-10-07 16:55:39



Id Name Note
1043 130fWL-130g
1186 3c00DWL-G650X Wireless 11g CardBus Adapter
1371 001eCWC-854 Wireless-G CardBus Adapter
1371 001fCWM-854 Wireless-G Mini PCI Adapter
1371 0020CWP-854 Wireless-G PCI Adapter
1458 e381GN-WMKG 802.11b/g Wireless CardBus Adapter
1458 e931GN-WIKG 802.11b/g mini-PCI Adapter
1462 6833Unknown 802.11g mini-PCI Adapter
1462 6835Wireless 11G CardBus CB54G2
1737 0032WMP54G v4.0 PCI Adapter
1799 700aF5D7000 v2000/v3000 Wireless G Desktop Card
1799 701aF5D7010 v2000/v3000 Wireless G Notebook Card
1814 2560RT2500 Wireless 802.11bg
182d 9073WL-115 Wireless Network PCI Adapter
185f 22a0CN-WF513 Wireless Cardbus Adapter
18eb 5312WL531P IEEE 802.11g PCI Card-EU
1948 3c00C54RC v1 Wireless 11g CardBus Adapter
1948 3c01C54Ri v1 Wireless 11g PCI Adapter

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