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Name: Ultrastar SN100 Series NVMe SSD


Name: NVMe SSD [Ultrastar SN100 Series]


2015-05-11 21:33:27

Name: Ultrastar SN100 Series NVMe SSD

We only have a marketing name at present, not the identity of the controller - as such I haven't inserted the [] to separate marketing and chip names. The name can be changed if the controller becomes known, or if more SSDs with this ID appear.


2015-05-12 13:36:58



Id Name Note
1014 04f5PCIe3 1.6TB NVMe Flash Adapter
1014 04f6PCIe3 3.2TB NVMe Flash Adapter
1c58 0003Ultrastar SN100/SN150 NVMe SSD

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