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Name: Venice NVMe SSD


Name: Venice NVMe SSD


2019-05-28 12:36:01



Id Name Note
1cb0 2010Venice-E Series OCS U.2
1cb0 2011Venice Series OCS U.2
1cb0 2012Venice-X Series OCS U.2
1cb0 2f10Venice-E Series NVMe U.2Venice-E Series NVMe U.2 SSD(1.92T/3.84T/7.68T)
1cb0 2f11Venice Series NVMe U.2Venice Series NVMe U.2 SSD(2T/4T/8T)
1cb0 2f12Venice-X Series NVMe U.2Venice-X Series NVMe U.2 SSD(1.6T/3.2T/6.4T)
1cb0 a010Venice-E Series OCS AIC
1cb0 a012Venice-X Series OCS AIC
1cb0 af10Venice-E Series NVMe AICVenice-E Series NVMe AIC SSD(1.92T/3.84T/7.68T)
1cb0 af11
1cb0 af12Venice-X Series NVMe AICVenice-X Series NVMe AIC SSD(1.6T/3.2T/6.4T)

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