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Name: NVMe SSD Controller CD7


Name: NVMe SSD Controller CD7


2022-02-14 23:53:15



Id Name Note
1028 2189DC NVMe SED CD7 RI 960GB
1028 218aDC NVMe CD7 RI 960GB
1028 218bDC NVMe SED CD7 RI 1.92TB
1028 218cDC NVMe CD7 RI 1.92TB
1028 218dDC NVMe SED CD7 RI 3.84TB
1028 218eDC NVMe CD7 RI 3.84TB
1028 218fDC NVMe SED CD7 RI 7.68TB
1028 2190DC NVMe CD7 RI 7.68TB
1028 2191DC NVMe SED CD7 RI 15.36TB
1028 2192DC NVMe CD7 RI 15.36TB

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