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Name: LSI SAS2 9200-8e

Note: 6 Gbps

Vendor ID = 0x1000
Device ID = 0x3080
SubDev ID = 0x0107


2011-07-29 01:19:01

Name: LSI SAS2 9200-8e


2011-09-08 00:09:24

Deletion request

This looks wrong here; wasn't the entry just misplaced by the original author? "1000:3080" with subsystem "xxxx 0107" seems more logical. See also vendor "3020" for a similar case.


2013-02-11 05:28:30

LSI vendor ID is 1000 indeed, but I can't find 1000:3080 or 1000:3020 in the database. I only find 1000:3080 as a subsystem to 1000:0058 on Google, and 1000:3020 as a subsystem to 1000:0050 or 1000:0072. I'll delete this one anyway, it's obviously wrong. Thank you.


2013-02-11 11:38:51

Since this toy does'nt allow more than 1024 chars, have a look at - contains all you need to know.


2013-02-11 16:40:40

The "Card" data in there are subsystems, not device IDs. Also you posted this as vendor 3080. Please go to 1000:0072 in the database and add subsystems like "1000 3080" or "1000 3020" there.


2013-02-11 18:40:45

jelmd, I think YOU should make the missing two entries for "1000 3020" and "1000 3080" under "1000:0072", because you are obviously the only one of us having access to real devices to investigate the differences between the two. If I had to guess, there are a "9200-8e" with subsystem ID "3080" and a "9211-8i" with subsystem ID "3020", but you should verify that these names are correct and that there aren't any better, more accurate names. For example, should the above model numbers be prefixed with the main name?


2013-02-12 22:21:44



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