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Name: NetXen Incorporated


Name: NetXen Incorporated

Networking products company


2007-02-21 04:16:24



Id Name Note
0001NXB-10GXSR 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter with SR-XFP optical interface
0002NXB-10GCX4 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter with CX4 copper interface
0003NXB-4GCU Quad Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter with 1000-BASE-T interface
0004BladeCenter-H 10-Gigabit Ethernet High Speed Daughter Card
0005NetXen Dual Port 10GbE Multifunction Adapter for c-Class
0024XG Mgmt
0025XG Mgmt
0100NX3031 Multifunction 1/10-Gigabit Server Adapter

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