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Name: S3 Graphics Ltd.


Name: S3 Inc.

2008-10-06 17:52:33

Name: S3 Graphics


2013-03-23 16:47:22

Name: S3 Graphics Ltd.


2013-03-23 19:17:22



Id Name Note
0551Plato/PX (system)
563186c325 [ViRGE]
880086c866 [Vision 866]
880186c964 [Vision 964]
881086c764_0 [Trio 32 vers 0]
881186c764/765 [Trio32/64/64V+]
881286cM65 [Aurora64V+]
881386c764_3 [Trio 32/64 vers 3]
881486c767 [Trio 64UV+]
881586cM65 [Aurora 128]
883d86c988 [ViRGE/VX]
888086c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 0
888186c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 1
888286c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 2
888386c868 [Vision 868 VRAM] vers 3
88b086c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 0
88b186c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 1
88b286c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 2
88b386c928 [Vision 928 VRAM] vers 3
88c086c864 [Vision 864 DRAM] vers 0
88c186c864 [Vision 864 DRAM] vers 1
88c286c864 [Vision 864-P DRAM] vers 2
88c386c864 [Vision 864-P DRAM] vers 3
88d086c964 [Vision 964 VRAM] vers 0
88d186c964 [Vision 964 VRAM] vers 1
88d286c964 [Vision 964-P VRAM] vers 2
88d386c964 [Vision 964-P VRAM] vers 3
88f086c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 0
88f186c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 1
88f286c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 2
88f386c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 3
890086c755 [Trio 64V2/DX]
890186c775/86c785 [Trio 64V2/DX or /GX]
8903Trio 3D business multimedia
890486c365, 86c366 [Trio 3D]
8905Trio 64V+ family
8906Trio 64V+ family
8907Trio 64V+ family
8908Trio 64V+ family
8909Trio 64V+ family
890aTrio 64V+ family
890bTrio 64V+ family
890cTrio 64V+ family
890dTrio 64V+ family
890eTrio 64V+ family
890fTrio 64V+ family
8a0186c375 [ViRGE/DX] or 86c385 [ViRGE/GX]
8a1386c360 [Trio 3D/1X], 86c362, 86c368 [Trio 3D/2X]
8a2086c794 [Savage 3D]
8a2186c390 [Savage 3D/MV]
8a22Savage 4
8a23Savage 4
8a25ProSavage PM133
8a26ProSavage KM133
8c1086C270-294 [SavageMX-MV]
8c1182C270-294 [SavageMX]
8c1286C270-294 [SavageIX-MV]
8c1386C270-294 [SavageIX]
8c22SuperSavage MX/128
8c24SuperSavage MX/64
8c26SuperSavage MX/64C
8c2aSuperSavage IX/128 SDR
8c2bSuperSavage IX/128 DDR
8c2cSuperSavage IX/64 SDR
8c2dSuperSavage IX/64 DDR
8c2eSuperSavage IX/C SDR
8c2fSuperSavage IX/C DDR
8d0186C380 [ProSavageDDR K4M266]
8d02VT8636A [ProSavage KN133] AGP4X VGA Controller (TwisterK)
8d03VT8751 [ProSavageDDR P4M266]
8d04VT8375 [ProSavage8 KM266/KL266]
8e402300E Graphics Processor
8e48Matrix [Chrome S25 / S27]
9043Chrome 430 GT
9045Chrome 430 ULP / 435 ULP / 440 GTX
9060Chrome 530 GT
910286C410 [Savage 2000]

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