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Main -> PCI Devices -> Vendor 8086 -> Device 8086:10d3 -> Subsystem 8086:10d3:1043 8369, (Vendor 1043)

Name: Motherboard


Name: P8B WS Motherboard

I Found the subsystem ID "1043:8369" on a "P8B WS" motherboard, but it might be used on other ASUS boards as well like they often do. However, as long as this is not confirmed as non-unique, I suggest to use the full name of the board here.


2014-03-05 23:02:34

Name: Motherboard

Ethernet subsystems are not unique at Asus. The P9X79 also has this ID.
It looks to me like Asus uses the same ethernet subsystem on boards with the same ethernet controller.


2014-03-06 15:37:20