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Name: Tiger Lake-H Integrated Sensor Hub


Name: Tiger Lake-H Integrated Sensor Hub

This shows up on a Dell Inspiron 7610 as "+-12.0  Intel Corporation Device [8086:43fc]"; this is a Tiger Lake-H notebook.

On Microsoft Windows 11, this is "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_43FC&SUBSYS_0A831028&REV_11\3&11583659&0&90" with the name "Intel (R) Integrated Sensor Solution" there. The driver comes from Intel, so "Solution" might be the marketing name. has the device, but no name associated. This is behind the kernel option "CONFIG_INTEL_ISH_HID: Intel Integrated Sensor Hub"

I picked the name to align with the existing terminology on Linux.


2022-06-05 14:26:16



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