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Name: Smart Storage PQI 12G SAS/PCIe 3


Name: Smart PQI


2017-06-26 18:02:53

Name: Smart Storage PQI 12G SAS/PCIe 3

Note: adding new family of controllers


2017-06-26 21:45:23

Name: Smart Storage PQI 12G SAS/PCIe 3


2017-06-30 22:57:30



Id Name Note
103c 0600Smart Array P408i-p SR Gen10
103c 0601Smart Array P408e-p SR Gen10
103c 0602Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10
103c 0603Smart Array P408i-c SR Gen10
103c 0650Smart Array E208i-p SR Gen10
103c 0651Smart Array E208e-p SR Gen10
103c 0652Smart Array E208i-c SR Gen10
103c 0654Smart Array E208i-a SR Gen10
103c 0655Smart Array P408e-m SR Gen10
103c 0700Smart Array P204i-c SR Gen10
103c 0701Smart Array P204i-b SR Gen10
103c 1100Smart Array P816i-a SR Gen10
103c 1101Smart Array P416ie-m SR G10
105b 1211HBA 8238-16i
105b 1321HBA 8242-24i
13fe 8312SKY-9200 MIC-8312BridgeB
152d 8a22QS-8204-8i
152d 8a23QS-8238-16i
152d 8a24QS-8236-16i
152d 8a36QS-8240-24i
152d 8a37QS-8242-24i
193d 8460HBA H460-M1
193d 8461HBA H460-B1
193d c460RAID P460-M2
193d c461RAID P460-B2
193d f460RAID P460-M4
193d f461RAID P460-B4
19e5 d227SmartROC-HD SR465C-M 4G
19e5 d228SmartROC SR455C-M 2G
19e5 d229SmartIOC SR155-M
19e5 d22aSmartIOC-HD SR765-M
19e5 d22bSmartROC-e SR455C-ME 4G
19e5 d22cSmartROC SR455C-M 4G
1bd4 0045SMART-HBA 8242-24i
1bd4 0046RAID 8236-16i
1bd4 0047RAID 8240-24i
1bd4 0048SMART-HBA 8238-16i
1bd4 004aPM8222-SHBA
1bd4 004bRAID PM8204-2GB
1bd4 004cRAID PM8204-4GB
1bd4 004fPM8222-HBA
9005 0608SmartRAID 3162-8i /e
9005 0800SmartRAID 3154-8i
9005 0801SmartRAID 3152-8i
9005 0802SmartRAID 3151-4i
9005 0803SmartRAID 3101-4i
9005 0804SmartRAID 3154-8e
9005 0805SmartRAID 3102-8i
9005 0806SmartRAID 3100
9005 0807SmartRAID 3162-8i
9005 0900SmartHBA 2100-8i
9005 0901SmartHBA 2100-4i
9005 0902HBA 1100-8i
9005 0903HBA 1100-4i
9005 0904SmartHBA 2100-8e
9005 0905HBA 1100-8e
9005 0906SmartHBA 2100-4i4e
9005 0907HBA 1100
9005 0908SmartHBA 2100
9005 090aSmartHBA 2100A-8i
9005 1200SmartRAID 3154-24i
9005 1201SmartRAID 3154-8i16e
9005 1202SmartRAID 3154-8i8e
9005 1280HBA 1100-16i
9005 1281HBA 1100-16e
9005 1300HBA 1100-8i8e
9005 1301HBA 1100-24i
9005 1302SmartHBA 2100-8i8e
9005 1303SmartHBA 2100-24i
9005 1380SmartRAID 3154-16i

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