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Name: Blackmagic Design


Name: Blackmagic Design

Another one busted by Ioannis Barkas and Nick Barkas.


2008-08-21 23:36:07



Id Name Note
a106Multibridge Extreme
a117Intensity Pro
a11aDeckLink HD Extreme 2
a11bDeckLink SDI/Duo/Quad
a11cDeckLink HD Extreme 3
a11dDeckLink Studio
a11eDeckLink Optical Fibre
a120Decklink Studio 2
a121DeckLink HD Extreme 3D/3D+
a124Intensity Extreme
a126Intensity Shuttle
a127UltraStudio Express
a129UltraStudio Mini Recorder
a12aUltraStudio Mini Monitor
a12dUltraStudio 4K
a12eDeckLink 4K Extreme
a12fDeckLink Mini Monitor
a130DeckLink Mini Recorder
a132UltraStudio 4K
a136DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G
a137DeckLink Studio 4K
a138Decklink SDI 4K
a139Intensity Pro 4K
a13bDeckLink Micro Recorder
a13dDeckLink 4K Pro
a13eUltraStudio 4K Extreme
a13fDeckLink Quad 2
a140DeckLink Duo 2
a141UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3
a142UltraStudio HD Mini
a143DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K
a144DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K
a148DeckLink SDI Micro
a14bDeckLink 8K Pro
a14eDeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder
a1ffeGPU RX580

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